Saturday, March 17, 2012

Opening of the "Vietnamese Language Garden" (School) by my teacher

I would like to share about the opening of the "Vietnamese Language Garden" (School) by Thao, my Vietnamese teacher.

I have been studying Vietnamese for more than 2 years with Thao. The reason why I continue studying with Thao is that the lessons are interesting, fun and flexible. The topics are chosen depending on what 's on her or my mind and we just talk about it. Like a normal conversion that could take place with a friend. 

After a long day of work, I don't feel like spending 15 minutes perfecting my pronunciation of "ẵ". I tried that in the past, and after 3 months lost completely the motivation to learn the language. I met many other people who tried but dropped learning Vietnamese because of the lack of reward, feeling that the learning curve is to slow to make it worth the "effort"... I completely agree if your lesson requires "effort".

My method is to focus on enjoying and relaxing, then learn Vietnamese... I admit that I don't progress fast, but I keep improving ! 
Thank you Thao for being my teacher and good luck with the launch of your school,


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